Sunday, May 8, 2011

Penguin Sentex Is Over

Hello everyone!

I have some shocking news that I'm sure non of you want to hear: Penguin Sentex, the best customized CPPS, has closed today

As a staff leader Thomas patrols Penguin Sentex a lot, secretly and unsecretly. he noticed it was offline when he tried to get on. When Thomas spoke with ROKY on skype (rockhopper 987), he said it was hacked by someone (later found out, hacked by Null) and he said he hated the server being hacked - so he closed Penguin Sentex. It is extremely sad to see it go, it only has 1000 users, who less than half would come on daily. Guns were about to be released and the Snow Ninja Party was just days ahead (maybe hours!). I dont this we will ever forget Penguin Sentex. But the good news is, that Roky it NOT quiting the CPPS world! He is helping 2way to make the new Ghetto Penguin mystCP! yay! stay tuned for more infomation


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