Saturday, May 14, 2011

Messege From Seether

Hello CPPS Fans!

As i was going to check out Club Fails website i got a message from seether. Heres what he said

"Hello, my name is Seether.
I am the founder of Club Fail.
I am no longer really "working" on Club Fail.
Therefor, I am closing it...
Well, technically not "Closing", I'll keep the servers up.
So yeah, just sayin'.. so nobody will r4g3 and wonder why I don't support this server anymore."

If you would like a server that's alot better then I recommend hypeCPv2.
It's very stable, no crashing, and has alot of custom features.
Visit the site here and register here.


Also, register will be closed and only current users will be allowed to play.
Sorry, but this server is a failure and has been from the start.
As I said earlier, if you would like a better server then visit hypeCPv2.

It seems that Seether isn't working on the Club Fail website anymore. Good luck Seether.


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