Friday, May 6, 2011

Penguin Sentex Back Online!

Hello everyone!
Your favorite private server is back! The team at Penguin sentex have new commands and more is coming soon! New items,rooms and so much more! Anyway since the team were going to change sources, everyone got deleted. So everyone has to re-register. Since the new source was hard to work with, they had to switch back to their old source. We had some problems with the server's but with help by 2way, or Linx they got the server up! Ever since it closed for a while, it made some people sad because they liked Penguin Sentex. The first time Penguin Sentex opened, everyone started coming on Penguin Sentex and they started saying Penguin Sentex was the best CPPS that they ever seen! Roky was really happy because of all the comments he couldn't let Penguin Sentex go. Now since it's back on you can enjoy an awesome CPPS you have ever seen.

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I hope you enjoy and have fun!


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