Monday, April 25, 2011

Penguin Sentix Returns!

Hello everyone,
There is a new author of CPPSHQ. His name is Roky. He feels great to be an author. Roky visits this site everyday no matter what. Anyway Roky has made a new CPPS Called "Penguin Sentix" . Penguin sentix was posted on CPPSHQ, but that was when it was for Hamachi. Than he got a VPS from one of his friends and he got some help setting up the VPS from 2Way and the server is running very good. Alot of penguins are liking Penguin Santex so far. They like it because of all the things he customized on it. Heres a picture of the town:
The team of Penguin Sentix is currently working on the igloos,games and stamps for us!.They have a lot of commands that we would like. If you want to know some, go to for all the normal user commands. They have a custom map also! It's pretty cool. When penguin start coming onto the server, they thought Rokys CPPS kicks butt! They think its better than other CPPSes. Here are some links:

I hope you enjoy this great CPPS! bye everyone!


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