Monday, April 18, 2011

CP - PRO Hacking Saga

Club penguin pro - Stopped the hackers - Got revenge Back online!

Well, iFlexs would like to announce the hacking saga, on CP - PRO is over. iFlexs stopped Keith trolling them and stuff by "Calling his mom on him" lol..... It works though....

CP-PRO Better!

New design!

Better client!

Games,igloos and more!

Register for CP-PRO Today!
Links once again.....

iFlexs has over 1,750 users or so, beta stays until June 5th!

IFlexs has 0 downtime now!

----------------Private servers closing?------------

I have herd a bunch of C&D’s were sent from an employee at Club Penguin, they ARE legit. Some came by email, the are not fake, I got one from a “Alfred” he was informing me about CP-Pro, I told him CP-Pro is not a ‘CPPS’ but a mock. And he left me alone :P He replayed and I matched him up with someone with an official ticket from CP. So C&D’s DO come by Email sometimes, this 
happend before.


Penguin safari = Down
Atlantic penguin =DDoS attacks! Authorgot DoX’ed!!!! [Link hidden]
ICPV6 logs passwords
eliteCP = WILL die lack of money… :\ its using PE source…

Looks bad right now.... :/

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