Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing Club Fail

Hello all,
Gizmo here. Breaking news! I've recently discovered a new private server named "Club Fail"!. The owner of this server is experienced programmer "Seether" and you can guarantee that your privacy will be protected to the highest extent!. This server was first around during the ICPV3 era making it one of the first private servers ever. Seether has decided to bring it back and the server is the exact same as before!. This server uses the older ICPV2 commands that allow for more customization. I've been informed that some of you may not know the older commands, so Seether has taken the time and effort to type out a list of them which can be found by clicking here. I've been having a great time on this server, and you probably will too. You can play using the following links:Play

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