Saturday, July 2, 2011

mystCP Ends

Hello Penguins!

mystCP is over:

This is the messege on their site saying:

It has been a fun run right? Our server had some times when it would crash or it had downtime: but it always got better and stronger. Before mystCP closes i would like to thank some people, for if it wasnt for them mystCP would not exist.
  • Flappi for letting me use his source, making the base of the mystCP source (openCP), and putting up with my stupidity at times.
  • Roky for all his support, help, awesome custom items, and for him bringing my into the cpps world (well back into cp). I couldn't have a better friend and owner. <:-)
  • Chai for almost anything. You name it, she did it. She supports this server and puts her heart into it. She was an awesome owner.
  • Vince and Phoenix for staying loyal mods through all my servers.
  • Ryan (the other owner) for putting up with me for a few years (your so 1337)
  • Seether. Even though we hate each other, he inspired me to do crazy flash things i would never do.
  • mystCP's users for supporting me and pushing me to work my hardest into this server
Thanks, 2Way
Oh, I would like to invite you to our irc chat.
See You Again Soon On ClubPenguinII

Want to see the messege on the site? then click Here Good-bye mystCP


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