Monday, June 20, 2011

Penguin Echo Is Gone!

Hello penguins!

I have some extremely bad news. Rop89 has decided to close "Penguin Echo". There are many factors, which contribute into the reason why he made this decision. The main reasons are:

-To Many Staff

-Bad Commands

-Full Ram

-No Ranks

Rop89 is generally not happy with the server. In Gereral if any of you would like to see "Penguin Echo v1 go then you may buy it from the VPS included. The total cost will be $30.00 this will give you the rights for the name, the VPS information, and all the files. Rop89 might remake "Penguin Echo v2 or Make a new server. At the moment he needs enough money to buy a VPS with a decent Ram. Well i hope you enjoy the week of "Penguin Ehco" I know i did


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